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Our services

  • WYSIWYG Editore-catalogs : For every corporate irrespective of small or big , online eCatalogs are much more efficient and cost effective than producing a paper catalog. For example, a print catalog requires, obviously, costly printing. Not so with eCatalog No more running out of catalogs at the last minute.
  • ebrochures : An ebrochure is effectively an electronic version of any paper based book or publication with many added advantages. An e-brochure can have a front page, an index page and turning pages just like a book.
  • Smart Devices
  • e-books : An eBook is an electronic version of a traditional book that can be read by using a computer without being connected to the Internet. Many ebooks can be viewed straight from a external drives without needing complex plug-in reader software. Ebooks incorporate text, images, sound and hyperlinks to various sections of the book. The links can also act as a gateway to the Internet to refer to other articles or ebooks.
  • Digital photo Albums : Digital Photo Albums that are styled like real photograph albums and are just as much fun, and are as easy to view! We develop & create great-looking digital photo albums, scrapbooks, collages, and montages to view onscreen, print or e-mail! We create amazing 3D page turning digital photo albums that look and feel like the real thing!

On top of that, our 24x7 support team will always be keen to help you in any situation. Publishers can rest assured that their content will continue to be supported on new platforms.