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" no programming skills reqired !! "
EPCMS is a software solution that lets you quickly and easily publish your own newspaper or magazine online. You and your staff can upload stories, images and videos, organise stories into editions, all through the user-friendly and convenient web interface.


EPCMS: The E-Paper content management system

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EPCMS fits into every publisher's needs for the digital/epaper edition of their newspapers and magazines. The user friendly epaper interface retains the reader's interest more as compared to the regular websites and flash based newspapers / magazines. The Epaper comes with a wealth of digital features viz. content ratings, reviews, polls, advertisements, newsletters, offline reading facility and many more..

EPCMS Features

  • WYSIWYG EditorNewsroom centric CMS : The journalists / reporters can directly submit their stories using the internet / intranet based newroom portal.The reporters can submit the stories using the in-built WYSIWYG editor or they can send news via email to EPCMS directly, which will be added to the EPCMS database.
  • Image Galleries : Public and private Image Galleries for news reporters. Online image editing facilities like cropping, resizing and re-touching(comming soon..) also available in epaper cms.
  • Search Engine Friendly : The inherent SEF functionality provides better opportnities for getting higher rankings in search engines. As EPCMS URLs consist of meaningful keywords rather than numbers, this will drasticaly improve your search engine positions.
  • Smart Devices
  • Platform Independent : EPCMS server can run on Windows / Linux / Mac platforms. Users can submit and view news contents on these platforms as well as on their iPhone, Blackberry or any other smartphone devices.
  • Advanced Search Facility : Facility to search the news items based on keywords in titles, subtitles and even in news stroies.
  • Audio facility for Visually challenged : The news contents can also be listened to on Microsoft Windows based machines. The Microsoft Voice Agents help the visually challenged people to hear the news.
  • Epaper interfaceText and Newspaper Image Views : The Dual template mode of EPCMS allows users to read the news in website based format as well as in Newspaper layout format for their visual satisfactions.
  • Extensive auditing and reporting : Extensive auditing and reporting functionality available to safeguard the newsroom database. A number of reports can be generated based on the reporters, editions, popular contents or even on user feedbacks too..
  • Imports from 3rd party CMS : EPCMS can import contents from your existing joomla based website and present them in EPCMS format as desired.

On top of that, our 24x7 support team will always be keen to help you in any situation. Publishers can rest assured that their content will continue to be supported on new platforms.