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" It's not just the fittest but the 'googled' one who survives !! "
Achieving good search engine visibility has become a necessity for every website today. As many as 80% of first-time visitors should find your site on one of the major Search engines. Only first 20-30 listings convert the searcher into a visitor and a potential customer.


Website Promotion, Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The key to get your website in top ranking is "keyword value analysis" and focused link building with a sophisticated, cutting-edge reporting system. Google AnalyticsThe keyword phrases we use provide more than high page ranks; leading to conversions and sales. Our integrated search engine optimization tactics conform with the guidelines set forth by each of the major search engines to ensure quality, relevant targeted traffic and top rankings.

Our search engine optimization (SEO) & internet marketing services includes organic search engine optimization, Pay Per Click, social media optimization, link popularity building, SEO copy writing, search engine reputation management and branding.

SEO Services

  • Internet Marketing: Internet Marketing does not only mean driving traffic or implementing search engine optimisation (SEO), PPC campaigns to any website. We extend your online marketing campaigns by pertaining core strategies to ensure that you achieve your internet marketing objectives.
  • Google AdwordsPay-per-click : Pay-per-click advertising consists of a set of contextual advertisement targeted geographically and served on a search engine 's search results pages (SERPs) adjoining the search engine's organic search result listings. We are the leading venture offering best PPC services at an affordable expenditure and reasonably utmost ROI.
  • Social media optimization : The way to optimize the website that easily connect with social and community website is known as social media optimization.
    Social Media optimizationIt generates good number of back links with High PR value to your website. Social Bookmarking process is almost similar to adding websites to favorites, except here your favorites are public and work as a backlink to your website. Social media optimization include press release optimization and distribution, RSS feed distribution, book marking, tagging, and incorporating third party community utilities in the website.