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We have clients spread over in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, India, France, Hong-Kong, Germany, Mexico and many Countries. For more information about our Website Design & Customised Solution services, please Contact Us for a free Quote today!

Design / Develop

web design and develop

Static Website design solutions starter pack from $349 onwards, Dynamic CMS packs from $449 onwards, e-commerce websites starting from $749, Newspaper solutions starting from $999..

Optimise / Promote

White hat Search Engine optimizations, with organic modifications to the existing website. Actual costs vary from keywords to keywords. Please contact us to discuss your project for estimated costs.

Redesign / Maintain

website redesign and maintenance

Static Website redesign with existing contents starting from an estimated price of $249 only, actual quotes will be provided only after evaluating the changes to be made and the type of design required..

Reflex Solutions

A Blog can be a personal/public website, as easy to use as your email. Blogs maintain regular entries from day to day life, descriptions of events, or other topics of interest like travel, health, nutrition etc. Read more..

SEO refers to the task of improving the ranking of a website in search results. This is vital to businesses operating online, as search engines are the major source of traffic over the internet. We help businesses rank better in search results. Read more..

Suitable for small organizations that are desperate to have their web presence but have very limited budget. We provide 4-10 web pages as starter pack for such organizations. Read more..

Suitable for small to medium sized organizations that require variable contents / CMS on their website. We develop dynamic web applications which are user friendly, effective and offer great amount of interactivity. Read more..

EPAPER CMS for leading electronic newspapers and magazines. Compatible with English and asian languages like Hindi and Punjabi. Also compatible with Joomla based websites. Read more..

We provide consultation for setting up internet radio stations. This includes the automation system, playlist management, encoders, statistics and web intergration. We also help clients in choosing 3rd party streaming servers. Read more..